Labour: Contrast Belief of Capitalists versus Marx


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Labour: Contrast Belief of Capitalists versus Marx
Capitalists believe that labour is a commodity. Marx is said to have argued that labour is not a commodity but instead an activity that defines individuals in society and history. It is easy to imagine a captain of industry arguing the first way, and an inner city social worker the other way, their perspectives molded by experience. However, in spite of the fact that it is easy to understand how a capitalist would see labour as a commodity, Marx was more right. History is seeing the kinds of labour through which money was generated for workers and the wealthy alike. All classes of society have lived at the technological edge of their day.
Means of generating wealth come and go. Mark...
The end: 19th century towns. It had to be done manually and was a challenging job. While we as readers no doubt have sympathy for the people whose jobs were made antiquated by computers and electrical grids, it is in the discussion of these sorts of jobs that the real story of humanity unfolds.
The existing conditions of the working classes actually tell the reader of history enormous amounts. When, for instance, did refrigerators because standardized components of a household in the Western world? Or automobiles? The commodities being produced by the working classes become often a part of their regular life. Added to that regular life is the quality of life, which is partially generated by the things they own, and also by the freedom they enjoy.