LA Hospice: The Goals and Objectives


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LA Hospice: The Goals and Objectives
Describe the goals and objectives of your agency or, if you are in a very large organization, those of your department.
Essentially, the Los Angeles Hospice has a clear mission to help improve end-of-life experiences in patients looking for pain management and psychological support. The mission statement claims that the hospice wants to improve the quality of life of its patients, while maintaining their dignity as autonomous individuals. Additionally, the hospice strives to help offer comfort and support to those individuals in need in a trying time at the end of their lives.
As you observe the agencies were, what specific strategies are being used to meet the agency's goals and objectives?
The Los...
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..... looking to find peace within hospice setting. Additionally, Los Angeles Hospice olds ID team meetings and other team meetings were complex are discussed and collaborative solutions are created between the departments within the hospice setting.
How have the agencies relationships with other agencies developed and changed over time?
Los Angeles Hospice has been working and serving the Los Angeles community for several generations. Therefore, it has created strong relationships with other major care facilities local in the region. When once it was another facility coming out of the hospice movement, it is now one a trusted and stage of life facility, providing the highest degrees of support and pain management for its patients.
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