Knowledge Management and its Critics


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Knowledge Management and its Critics
This paper will briefly examine three articles on the topic of Knowledge Management (KM) with a view toward discovering the origins, development and possible future of this popular management strategy paradigm. The three articles under review here will include an interview with Karl-Erik Sveiby, one of the early pioneers of Knowledge Management; a recent philosophical critique of KM by Horst Pfeiffle; and finally a discussion of the phenomena of KM “gurus” or independent leaders whose contribution to the field may be of questionable validity.
An interview with Karl-Erik Sveiby which appears in a 2002 issue of Knowledge Management provides insightful background into the origins and early evolution of KM....
The end:
.....icient at marketing and self-promotion, but may not necessarily possess anything of substance to offer their corporate clients (Burton, 2007, p. 19).
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