Knowledge Deficit Assignment: Corporations, Media, and Homelessness


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Knowledge Deficit Assignment: Corporations, Media, and Homelessness
Vancouver now possesses a greater familiarity with the industry/ business of the Olympic Games, both the positives and negatives. And while the positives are often openly discussed, the negatives tend to be suppressed and subject to both official and unofficial censor. The censoring is so effective, not necessarily because of the power or dominance of the Olympic Games, but instead, because of the how concentrated the media is. Concentrated, meaning, that several media conglomerates control much of the information that influences the public (
). For the Olympic Games to gain control of their image and enforce only the positive aspects, they need only to...
The end:
.....The argument, made for the physical concerns of the housing projects, also applies to the media: that is, large media conglomerates are unwilling and unable to interact with situations appropriately. Ultimately, the role of alternative media should be considered thoroughly, as it would address not only the Olympic Games but other large corporations that will come into contact with Vancouver in the future and affect the homeless.
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