Killing Time in Iraq: Colby Buzzell


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Killing Time in Iraq: Colby Buzzell
Paragraph One:
A blog is really a web log, a page on a website that
enables its author to deliver commentary of just about any subject to those people that read the page. Buzzell set up his blog to communicate to the public the views of: "somebody who saw and experienced the kinds of things that I was seeing and experiencing" (114).
Colby found out about blogging from an article that he read
while at war: "the new Time magazine came in, and I brought it back to my room and read an article called "Meet Joe Blog’. The article grabbed my attention. I was like, What the fuck is a ‘blog'” (Buzzell 113).
Colby’s first blog post was a quotation from ‘The...
The end:
.....rix. Still, they influence me culturally, mostly by their language. I hate to say this, but I became much more fluent in my use of profanity after I began listening to Tupac. I think all my friends did. The way he always used ‘fuck’, like it was ‘yeah’ became kind of a model for me, and I have to admit that I started using ‘fuck’ with just about every sentence when I was in high school. It’s really hard for me to say, because I do not really think of the artists as influencing the way I am. I think they may influence society, and because I live in society, I may reflect the artists to a degree. I don’t go out and model myself after Tupac, for example, but I do think that he influenced the way society uses more profanity, and wears clothing.