Kidney Transplant versus Dialysis


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Kidney Transplant versus Dialysis
Kidney replacement is a viable option for some, and as technology increases and
medication provided can address the negative effects and possibilities, transplant
becomes a realistic option for more. But for some still, the effects of dialysis outweigh
the risks of transplant and the best way in which to study and measure possible effects is
through a quantitative study.
The reality of creating a quantitative cost/ benefit analysis to use as a comparison and contrasting examination of kidney transplants versus kidney hemodialysis is simple due to the inherent limitations of studying historical precedence as a means by which to develop a thesis and conclusion. Both hemodialysis and transplant have...
The end:
.....gang Arns, Claudia Sommerer, Petra Reinke, Ute Eisenberger, Stefan Kramer, Wolfgang Fischer, Harald Gschaidmeier, Frank Pietruck. Everolimus-based, calcineurin-inhibitor-free regimen in recipients of de-novo kidney transplants: an open-label, randomised, controlled trial. The Lancet, 2011.
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