Key Points of Assigned Readings


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SPE 586 Module 1 Overview
Key Points of Assigned Readings
The textbook readings gave historical background on the treatment of students with behavioral and emotional disabilities. This historical approach included an explanation of the various philosophies that have existed and the seven main schools of thought that currently influence treatment. The online documents focused on the IDEA and the details of the legislation.
It seems that even today students with emotional and behavioral disabilities are treated more harshly than others. It seems that although we don’t believe in demons as the cause of poor behavior anymore, many teachers still view these children as if ‘possessed’ by the devil, an attitude which hinders rather than helps...
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.....ion had a blinder or divider so that they were not distracted by other students or random stimuli. While the room was warm and pleasant, most of the decorations were subdued. A list of 5 simple rules hung in large letters by the door. Other wall hangings included a bulletin board of student work and encouraging sayings. 
Students earned a snack time for good behavior and completed work. This was delayed by the ‘time out’ situation. The other children in the group (75% boys) accepted “the rules” and waited with surprising patience. 
I learned that a highly structured and predictable environment works well with this particular population of students. Coming largely from unstructured environments, this provides them with consistency and order.