Keurig Case Study


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Keurig Case Study
Response to Question 2 - Advice for Nick Lazaris
In addressing the question of what advice can be offered to Nick Lazaris concerning his dealings with MTS, the current vendor for the packaging line, and other potential vendors, Nick faces several challenges but he is not without viable options. For starters, Nick needs to recognize that MTS has done everything to indicate that they are more interested in an adversarial relationship than one more akin to a partnership. The games they are playing on pricing shows that they are trying to leverage their current position. So, despite the obvious disadvantages of finding another packaging line manufacturer, Lazaris should recognize the need and investigate all options.
The end:
.....cturer can actually support. The rate of planned growth must also take into consideration other operational factors. This includes the company’s ability to recruit new employees, provide effective training, and retain critical talent. The company will also need to examine its capital structure and ability to attract investors. Based on findings of the above considerations, Keurig will also need to conduct a market analysis in order to determine how much growth opportunity actually exists in the targeted markets. Growth objectives can then be established based on calculations that take into consideration company capabilities and existing market opportunities.
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