Kenneth Bianchi’s Criminal Life


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The beginning:
Kenneth Bianchi’s Criminal Life
The irrationality and senseless reasoning of serial murders generate outrageous attention and affliction. Serial killers motives and personal gain are not always consistent, yet the crimes of a serial murderer are brutal and sadistic. Kenneth Bianchi is a notorious and well known serial killer famous for killing young women. This paper will analyze Kenneth Bianchi’s crimes and the horrendous attitude toward those crimes. As the world of a serial killer is unique, Robert Hare’s theory will be used to support Kenneth Bianchi’s criminal life. The relationship between Robert Hare’s theory and Kenneth Bianchi’s crimes will be explained. Serial killers disreputable crimes are noteworthy due to the psychopathic...
The end:
.....rt Hare’s, the public may be better prepared.
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