Kant and Aristotle on Virtue


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Kant and Aristotle on Virtue
In order to understand Aristotle’s position on virtue his beliefs of politics must be deconstructed. Aristotle wanted to improve on the society that already exists. In his writings Aristotle believed the current society needed to aspire to creating the best possible political system possible. For Aristotle one class should not hold complete power over other classes. Aristotle believed that a rich society must have circulation between classes. Every class according to Aristotle has men who are ambitious and wise and society can only attain supremacy if all me are allowed to partake in the betterment of said society (Aristotle, 1985, p. 58-60). For this assignment it is clear that Aristotle believed that each...
The end:
.....only when there is autonomy or freedom from influences on our behaviors. Aristotle and Kant believed that the idea of self-governing laws were virtuous and needed if man was to be decisively authoritative to oneself. In my own life I know that when I have set boundaries and been able to keep them I became empowered as a person and I discovered that from being able to maintain my boundaries I had freedom of mind because I was serene and peaceful in my life (Ross, 2008).
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