Justice and Mercy in King Lear


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The beginning:
Justice and Mercy in King Lear
Both justice and mercy are important topics in King Lear. Both qualities are important in a functional and civilized society. The question that needs to be asked is which of these qualities is more important for society?
This essay will argue that justice is more important to society. Justice is essentially a way of ensuring balance is maintained in society. When injustice exists in a society the society is out of balance. In these societies innocent and decent people are punished and guilty and corrupt people are rewarded. A just society will address these problems and return balance to society.
In King Lear there are clearly innocent and decent people who are punished. One of these wronged people is...
The end:
.....ety in King Lear. King Lear’s society is a society that is out of balance. In this society innocent and decent people are punished while the guilty and corrupt are rewarded. Justice returns balance to this society. In the end everyone gets what they deserve. King Lear’s eldest daughters are defeated and kill themselves. Edmund is also killed. King Lear and
are foolish and easily tricked. They punish the people who are most loyal to them. As a result they are turned upon by those who they have rewarded. Kent and Edgar who remained loyal and true and where punished for it are ultimately vindicated. With all of these events the proper balance in society was restored.
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