Julie Jonas: American Hero


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The beginning:
Julie Jonas: American Hero
With her team of students and staff attorneys, Julie Jonas scours letters, evidence and court files looking for innocence. Innocence? That’s right. As managing attorney for the Innocence Project of Minnesota, she is charged with investigating claims of actual innocence: those prisoners who were wrongfully convicted and sentenced to prison.
Fortunately, as a testament to the criminal justice system in Minnesota, her work is often thankless, fraught with frustration and resistance. Of hundreds of cases she reviews, only one may offer an inkling of hope. It’s those jewels that keep her going.
A recent example of success is that of Sherman Townsend. Townsend served seven years of a ten-year sentence for a burglary he...
The end:
.....nutes from her childhood home and just outside downtown Minneapolis. Taking some time off, she lived in Europe and the Middle East for a year before returning to Minneapolis for law school. She graduated law school in the mid-1990s and went into criminal defense, working as a public defender in St. Paul, Minnesota. After working on the initial fund-raising, she joined the Innocence Project in 2003. Because federal prisoners are not always housed in the states where, the crime occurred, Jonas currently is working on cases in South Dakota, Texas and Maryland, as well as Minnesota.
When asked if she has any interest in working in a higher-stakes jurisdiction, such as Texas (Minnesota has no death penalty), Jonas responds, “No. I like it here.”