Judge Rosalie Abella: A Beacon of Equality and Human Rights


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Judge Rosalie Abella:  A Beacon of Equality and Human Rights
According to Judge Rosalie Abella, “Without democracy there are no rights; without rights there is no tolerance, without tolerance there is no justice; and without justice there is no hope (Spivak, ph. 1).” This has definitely been Abella’s mantra throughout her rise in politics.  Abella came from humble beginnings and has singlehandedly reformed Canada’s work discrimination policy as well as showing the world that a woman- and a Jewish woman, at that- can change the world just like anyone else.  She is an inspiration to me and has made it possible to live better in Canada and the world.  Judge Rosalie Abella has made her mark on employment reform and is a role model for people...
The end:
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