Journal Entry on Intelligence


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Journal Entry on Intelligence
The reading assignment of different understandings of what it means to be intelligent was very interesting. It has made me think to myself, what is it exactly that I consider to be intelligent and educated when I look at somebody? This was a very interesting question for me to think about, because the words can be taken in so many different ways.
What does intelligence mean to me? When I think about what I see in someone that makes them intelligent, I think about the traditional models for intelligence. Before I read the reading for this week, I would have told you that an intelligent person is someone who is educated. I have heard some people refer to this as “book-smart”. I used to think that this was what...
The end:
.....marts that I talked about earlier. For me, to be educated means that you can discuss topics with other people and know what you are talking about. In my mind, and educated person is someone who is aware of current events around the world, and is able to talk on numerous topics in a discussion. I do not think that there is as much room to interpret the meaning of the word educated as there is for the word intelligent, and I do not think that there are different “kinds” of educated-ness like there are different kinds of intelligence. This is what I think is the biggest difference between someone who is intelligent and someone who is educated. Intelligent can mean many different things, but the word educated is much more narrow in its meaning.