Journal Article Review: Aging Population


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Journal Article Review: Aging Population
, Reed and Lehman (2007) are very focused on the aging population and their increasing vulnerability for dependency. They present a model of care that is designed to prevent functional limitations and improve outcomes for very ill elderly patients. The authors are completely unconcerned with the realities of the nursing shortage and already overworked nurses. They also ignore such issues as rapidly rising rates of obesity, cancer and other problems. While they mean well, the authors are not considering the principle of justice and distribution of health care resources.
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When I noticed the title of this article, I was immediately struck by how unrealistic it...
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.....erious questions about how to provide care. While the elderly do make up an increasing high percentage of the population, they are not the only patients at risk for adverse health outcomes. The article is advocating an ideal which is only suitable for certain groups.
The article presents a model that is perfect but not reasonable. The needs of elderly patients are prominent today but there are many groups of patients at risk. Instead of focusing on one group, the needs of all must be considered by thinking of solutions to the nursing shortage.
, L.F., Reed, D. & Lehman, C. (2007). The acute care for elders unit: Taking the rehabilitation model into the hospital setting. Rehabilitation Nursing, 32(3), 126-132.