Jews and Arab as a Foundational Tension in Zionism


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Jews and Arab as a Foundational Tension in Zionism
The tension between Palestinian Arabs and Israeli-Jews is a defining component of Zionism. Though the conflict did not become fully realized until the creation of a Jewish home state in Palestine, its prerequisites were building in the years leading up to the state creation. Several ideological Zionist beliefs lead up to the tensions. The most crucial seem to be that Zionists did not consider Arabs in Palestine to belong to a true unified nation, they had a historical claim to the land, and lastly they believed that they would elevate the Arab people by bringing their knowledge of the modern Western world to a mostly rural people.
As the immigration of new Jews into Palestine rose, Arabs...
The end:
.....mergence of Arab nationalism was actually widespread among Arabs and evolved in an organic fashion through their everyday experience in dealing with labor Zionists and other Jews. His viewpoint is bolstered by pointing out they the views held by many Arabs were quite contradictory as they felt a sense of Arab nationalism but did not refuse opportunities to take advantage of offerings by Zionist entities. Thus,
advocates a more nuanced view, that Arab nationalism “could and did mean different things to different people.” (272).
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