Jane Addams’ Concept of Democracy and Social Ethics


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Jane Addams' Concept of Democracy and Social Ethics
Jane Addams was a Progressive reformer who established a ‘Settlement House’ named Hull House in Chicago 1889. For Addams helping immigrants and the poor meant more than applying the moralistic academic or theoretical approaches or having good intentions of her day. As a Progressive reformer, Hull believed that “. . . the cure for the ills of Democracy is more Democracy” (5). Addams defined democracy and progress differently than the other wealthy industrialists and philanthropists of her day. This paper will use writings by Addams to identify: (a) her concept of democracy (b) her view of the educational and other requirements of democracy, (c) her theoretical analysis of the problems...
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.....s bad, education was necessary so both could see each other realistically and solve problems scientifically. In this way the poor would really be helped. Good intentions are not enough, one needs to understand and to recognize the facts. Public schools were needed to teach workplace skills and ethics, but also to address higher philosophical needs. Business owners needed to recognize that workers were not morally inferior to the factory owners. In this way Addams corrective was a more appropriate education system and a more realistic view of the relationship of workers and business owners.
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