Jamaica as a British Colony


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The beginning:
Jamaica as a British Colony
When the British seized Jamaica from Spanish rule in 1655, which they occupied officially until 1962, there were fewer than 5000 inhabitants consisting of a mixture of indigenous families, colonial leaders and African slaves (Burnard, 1994, p. 63). By 1670, black Africans had become the enslaved majority, rising to a population of 210,000 in 1774 achieved through a massive importation of workers (Burnard, 1994, p. 63). During the time of slavery in the Caribbean therefore, the social construct of a society managed by the British utilized industrialized force to constrain warriors and workers of a faraway land, unused to the situation in which they were forced to become subservient.
Under early British rule,...
The end:
.....ty to ensure that they could create a new nation. The British encapsulated the island in a Federation of the West Indies in 1958, and released the country from colonial status entirely in 1962 (Burnard, 1994, p. 81).
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