Issues/Problems with School Reform in New York City


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Issues/Problems with School Reform in New York City
For decades, New York City schools have been plagued with myriad problems including growing student illiteracy, declining academic achievement, and rising high school dropout rates. In searching for ways to right the ship, educators and reformers have begun turning up the volume on the usual political rhetoric - attacks on teachers’ unions, criticism of standardized testing, and finger pointing at teachers for their failures in the classroom. But are these matters really the key issues and problems educators and politicians face in reforming New York City schools?
New York City’s United Federation of Teachers goes against the Current
Following President Obama’s lead over the past two...
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.....chers from being recognized and justly rewarded for their efforts. Poverty, combined with the growing number of single parent homes in New York City, leave many children without the type of family support necessary for academic achievement and success.
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