Issues Facing Each of the Churches Addressed by the General Epistles


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Issues Facing Each of the Churches Addressed by the General Epistles
In Niswonger’s (1992) text, he states that “the Christian faith, so deeply rooted in Judaism, began increasingly to assert its independence and distinctiveness by A.D. 100” (p. 282). With this new independence, came a lot of struggle along with it and the apostles documented much of what is happening in the church and among new Christians. In fact, the general epistles provide a written account for the early church that goes above and beyond the work of Paul and his ministry after his death. There are seven total epistles that make up what is called the “general epistles.” This paper will discuss the writings of the general epistles and the issues facing each of the...
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.....fic authorship, although it is generally agreed that it is John (Niswonger, 1992) but it can be reasoned that the tone is a replication of the work of the missionaries of the general epistles that were dealing with conflict in the church and were attempting to keep peace in Jesus’ name.
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