Islam and Women


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The beginning:
Islam and Women
Islam has an uneasy relationship with Western culture. A great deal of the unease comes from some of the cultural practices found in Islam. One area that is of special concern is the status of women. In Women in Muslim Family Law John L. Esposito explains,
Pakistan, Sudan, Iran, and especially
Afghanistan, where the Taliban used heavy-
handed enforcement of sexual segregation
and veiling, are often cited as examples
of the oppressive implementation of
by those arguing that international
standards of human rights and Islamic law
are not compatible(Esposito ix-x).
These examples of oppressive treatment of women have convinced many people in Western societies the Islam itself calls for women to have a low status. What...
The end:
..... for women. The worst practices were outlawed and women actually achieved status within the law. The fact that some practices are considered oppressive by western people does not mean that Islam was worse for women then the pre-Islamic system. In fact they were considered people under the law instead of just property for men.
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