Isabelle Allende and her Candidacy for the Nobel Peace Prize


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Isabelle Allende and her candidacy for the Nobel Peace Prize
According to Burton Feldman in his book The Nobel Prize:  A History of Genius, Controversy and Prestige, ‘The Nobel Prizes are the most coveted and most potent awards of our time.  Only ‘Nobel Prize Winner’ bestows instant recognition, lifelong celebrity, and unrivaled authority around the globe…the prizes convey a sense that coherence somehow does exist out there (Feldman 1).” The Nobel Prize is significant and absolutely important in forming the identity of the figure who covets and wins said prize.  This is why the Nobel Prize should not be given lightly:  it is legendary in its honor, monumental in its reach and recognition of a significant human life.  Renowned author...
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.....vel Peace Prize and the Laureates:
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