Isabella the Computerized Cyber Girl


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The beginning:
Isabella the Computerized Cyber Girl
While my day started off as normal reflecting back, the day would become a nightmare when the police came to arrest me for murder. I am addicted to the Internet as well as a few other addictions I never dreamed that in a short time that I would be facing charges for murdering my computer generated actress/model. The fact was that I was addicted to the Internet, especially chat rooms. I spent all my time making money by using Isabella as an actress/model for my own personal cyber chat room where I would allow anyone to chat about any topic with my model as long as they paid for the use of the website and the time spent with Isabella. Let me share my story and how I had arrived at the point where the...
The end:
.....e and behavioral therapy for my Internet addiction and mental illness. After all, I had become jealous of a computerized model that I had created to the point where I staged her murder.
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