Is There a Unique Body of Nursing Knowledge?


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Is There a Unique Body of Nursing Knowledge?
Nurses depend on a unique body of nursing knowledge and base their practice on this knowledge. Fawcett and Alligood (2005) debated the factors which have promoted and hindered the growth of such knowledge. The knowledge used in nursing ranges from theory to applications in direct nursing practice, research, and education. Knowledge is derived from experience, reflection, and nursing values. My position is that whether it is considered a theory or a conceptual model, a middle-range theory or a grand theory, the uniqueness of nursing knowledge depends on nursing theorists. However they are perceived, it is the grand theorists who provide nursing knowledge and act as guides for nursing practice....
The end:
.....argue, those nurses who want to abolish much of the theory which is used by nurses still in a contradictory way make use of knowledge from other disciplines to fill the gap they see as missing in the nursing profession. The central problem with nursing theory is that, even though it consists of many different forms and domains such as philosophy and history, it continues to expand. Nursing knowledge is absolutely essential but it requires an overhaul as well as organization so that what is most pertinent to nursing today can be valued and used without the burden caused by the excess.
Fawcett, J. & Alligood, M. (2005). Scholarly dialogue: Influences on advancement of nursing knowledge. Nursing Science Quarterly, 18(3), 227-232.