Is the WTO Really All that Bad?


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The beginning:
Is the WTO Really All that Bad?
Back in September, ahead of the Group of 20 meetings, Pittsburgh city officials requested an additional 4,000 law enforcement officers to strengthen security. Pittsburgh and many other Group of 8 and 20 host cities have had to take these extra steps in recent years after the huge demonstration at the World Trade Organization (WTO) event that took place in Seattle in 1999. Close to 50,000 protesters converged on the city as part of the anti-globalization movement. These individuals felt that organizations such as the WTO, International Monetary Fund and World Bank had been conceived as means to further the economic interests of the large and powerful nations at the cost of true progress in developing nations....
The end:
.....the Kyoto Protocol provides the best opportunity to reduce pollution. And the WTO provides the best opportunity to force member nations to sign onto Kyoto or some other environmental treaty and would allow better environmental standards to become a reality. Thus the WTO should not be demonized by the various special interest groups, but rather pressured to force its members towards greater environmental considerations with regard to trade and production. This is the most proactive way forward.
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