Is the United Nations still a Relevant Entity?


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Is the United Nations still a Relevant Entity?
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Is the United Nations still a relevant entity? The question is of great significance within social science, as the answer has the power to exert a great deal of influence over world societies. For example, if the U.S. comes to consider the U.N. irrelevant and cut off funding, the U.N. might have to shut down several programs—and, given that U.N. programs are responsible for functions such as peacekeeping, poverty alleviation, and refugee resettlement, many people would surely suffer.
There are three subordinate questions within the main question that can help to provide an answer. These questions are:
To what extent do key U.N. participants consider the U.N. to be an irrelevant...
The end:
..... important, scientifically speaking, than the method whereby one predicts it. In this sense, trying to predict a future course of human social action is no less ‘scientific’ than trying to predict the weather, as long as the predictions are grounded in the same mathematical methodology.
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