Is the English Only Movement Patriotic?


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The beginning:
Is the English Only Movement Patriotic?
Even as within a generation Americans of Hispanic ancestry will become the major minority group, there continues to be an English Only movement which not merely discriminates against newcomers who speak little or no English, but in fact tries to legalize English as the one and only “national” language. The question that must be asked is whether this English Only movement is patriotic or takes direct aim at non-English speaking Americans, whether citizens or hoping to be.
While the idea of English Only and English as the American national language started relatively small in the 1980’s, the increasing number of Hispanics (including millions of undocumented Hispanics) in America has led to an outcry by...
The end:
..... majority speak and use, any non-English speaker will continue to lag in education, in job opportunities, in future potential and asset to his community. Without needing a law, it is a fact that English is our national means of communicating.
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