Is Nozick’s Argument on Taxation for Earnings Akin to Forced Labor?


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10 April 2011
Is Nozick’s Argument on Taxation for Earnings Akin to Forced Labor?
1. Abstract
Author Robert Nozick asserts that taxing work is the same thing as forcing people to work, but this is not true. In our society, people are able to make their own decisions about how much they want and desire, and Nozick does not consider that taxes create and run society. The alternative is to force people to maintain services they are not equipped to do, and that would be forced labor. The argument falls flat on many levels. The author does not consider that people have the ability to not work at all, and that they may be paying for services they do not need now, but may need at a later...
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.....d it the next. It is comforting to know that the service is available if it is required.
Taxing labor is not the same thing as forced labor. First of all, there is the concept of free will. Then there is the fact that, in a free market society, people can achieve what they desire in accordance to their abilities and ambitions. In this sense, it is not some Marxist “each according to his abilities as each according to his needs.” People have different needs, wants, and desires. It is the freedom of a democratic society that allows each of us to rise to our own expectations, depending on how badly we want them.
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