Is Marijuana Beneficial or Not? Yes It Is!


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Is Marijuana Beneficial or Not? Yes It Is!
     There are three groups who think marijuana is beneficial: growers, dealers and those who get relief for their pain and nausea from medical marijuana. There are many others who think legalizing marijuana would bring billions of dollars to the U.S. economy. The basis for this essay is not whether marijuana is harmful, but whether both medical marijuana and legalizing it is beneficial to both sick people and the economy of the U.S. 
     There are proven cases where marijuana is beneficial. Many people, including doctors, say that marijuana is not really harmful. People who think those who smoke pot will move to cocaine and heroin are wrong. Some states are passing laws to permit marijuana for...
The end:
.....lions every year. The time is here to teach millions of Americans that marijuana is beneficial not harmful.
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