Is Living in a Rural Area Good for Your Respiratory Health?


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The beginning:
Is Living in a Rural Area Good for Your Respiratory Health?
Step One - Analysis: The main point of the four co-authors is that for asthma, though not for other chronic respiratory diseases, living in rural areas may be beneficial. Also, while living in rural as opposed to urban areas did not impact the likelihood of having other chronic respiratory disorders, living in rural areas did impact positively on the quality of life of these individuals self-reported.
The purpose of the article was to explore the relationship between self-reported respiratory disorder symptoms and quality of life in rural vs. urban areas of Scotland.
The main audience for this article would be medical doctors, especially those who treat respiratory ailments,...
The end:
..... fewer very poor people in the rural areas. It could be that very poor people are not as healthy and are unable to live in rural areas where services, assistance and relatives aren’t as close by.
Step III – conclusion: While it may be possible that the authors’ conclusions are biased due to the failure to look at these issues, I felt that the study was probably accurate. The authors had specific statistical data to defend their hypothesis. The article was written to explain the results of a scientific survey and it appears that the data demonstrates the hypothesis that people in rural areas self-report themselves as being generally healthier even though, except for Asthma, they are equally likely to suffer from chronic respiratory ailments.