Is Education the Same as Indoctrination?


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Is Education the Same as Indoctrination?
Education is different from indoctrination. They have overlapping features but very different goals. In this essay the differences between education and indoctrination will be discussed in terms of definition, the use of contrasting examples and identifying the relationship between the two that makes it easy to interchange the terms incorrectly.
Education is knowledge gained based on skills, academics, discipline and citizenship. In society academics is believed to be the main source of educations, but knowledge is a collection of learning experiences that are applied to daily living with understanding and value. Processing knowledge is the foundation of education. A person’s ambitions, creativity,...
The end:
..... two solutions to any issue: the right way and the wrong way. Education is all about learning alternatives and in fact learning as many alternatives as possible to solve a problem.
Much of what is called old school learning is based in indoctrination and not education. Indoctrination is authoritative, appeals to consensus and emotional responses and is founded in bias rather than fact. Education appeals to a person’s sense of reason. It is based in fact and logic and not emotional responses. Education engages a person’s capacity for thought and rational response. There is no derogatory language used to present an argument. Education is the great promoter of awareness while indoctrination is the great inhibitor of free-thought and awareness.