Is Astrology Science?


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The beginning:
Is Astrology Science?
Science is data culled from scientific study, which is a method of inquiry based on gathering observable, empirical, and measureable evidence. Astrology is not science, though it is sometimes peddled as science by fake or disgraceful people with scientific credentials. However, astrology cannot be verified by scientific method. Astrology does not provide measurable empirical evidence that can be tested and the data repeated. Astrology at best is mere rubbish, providing talking points for people who enjoy idle chatter. However, there are people trying to use semantics and scientific-sounding language to pass off astrology as science.
Popper does not accept this sort of thing as science (1963, p. 217) “Can we say that...
The end:
..... the aid of astrology, but that is just madness and freedom in society. Most importantly, though is to have a clear definition of science, that it is specific empirical data that can be measured, verified and repeated. Astrology does not fulfill any of these criteria, and so calling it ‘pseudo science’ is as close as a serious speaker can associate science with weird astrology.
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