Irish Nationalism in the 1800s


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The beginning:
Irish Nationalism in the 1800s
Prior to the 1800s, British dominated Ireland and ruled with injustice. The struggle for national independence from Britain and a desire to create a new Irish identity lead to conflict within Ireland itself. Eliminating British power gave the country only limited reprieve as it lead to internal wars over land as well as political power. The Irish Rebellion against Britain saw great bloodshed and loss of lives.
Two dominant forms of nationalism arose after this rebellion in an effort to find an ultimate Irish Nationalism. The first movement was lead by the Irish Republicans who advocated force and violence. The other major nationalist movement was a more moderate group who advocated non-violent methods of...
The end:
.....m the Protestant English colonists in favor of the Catholics but reformation was needed as after the depression, most peasants could not afford their rents.
Ultimately, the enactment of the Local Government Act established in 1898 granted power to local councils allowing nationalists to run their own local affairs which previously had been controlled by the landlords. The Irish Parliamentary Party was then able to reunite returning to its former strength and ultimately winning the struggle for Irish Nationalism.
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