Introduction to the New Testament


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Introduction to the New Testament
1. Mark contains few of Jesus' teachings; what is his focus and why? Mark’s scriptures focus on the many miracles that occurred as a result of Jesus living on earth, as cited in Chapter 7 of the text. In addition, Mark deals with Jesus’ death and the symbolic meaning and interpretations of Jesus death prior to his resurrection. It appears that Mark felt that there was already a lot written about Jesus’ work and ministries during his life and because Jesus was humble and did not speak of his miracles himself, he wanted them to be known to the world, according to Chapter 7 (Harris) and other sources (Smith). In this way, Mark presents the miracles of Jesus as a series of apocalyptic events (Harris 110),...
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.....t be proven, but can only be predicted. In addition, there is always a lot of symbolic content in apocalyptic literature where numbers or specific dates are repeated in the literature to give the literature more significance, or at least make it appear to be so. Other biblical scholars cite that there is also struggle (Niswonger 71) and it is the opposite of utopian literature (Smith 298) which presents a world where everything turns out perfect.
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