Interview with an Attorney: Joe Fournier at Marino Carter Law Firm


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The beginning:
Interview with an Attorney: Joe Fournier at Marino Carter Law Firm
This paper conducts an interview with an information broker/super-conductor in a Connecticut law firm. The objective of this interview is to learn more about this person and, more significantly, to learn how to apply the contacts made towards the successful pursuit of a job. In the end, Fournier offers some excellent insights and some excellent contacts that will surely come in useful down the road.
Person’s name, position and organization
The person contacted is Joe Fournier; he is a lawyer with Carter Mario law firm in Milford Connecticut. Mr. Fournier is not a partner; however, he is a good friend of the gentleman who does run the law firm, Carter Mario,...
The end:
.....fact that he appears to be a likeable man that other people trust. I wanted to cultivate a relationship with someone at the firm who is not in a position of formal authority, which Uzzi and Dunlap (2005) suggest is the best way to go, so I sought out a junior attorney who, nonetheless, has a talent for making connections and for earning the trust of his colleagues.
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