Interview Summary: A Look at the Tenets of Social Work Interviewing


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Interview Summary: A Look at the Tenets of Social Work Interviewing
In an overview of the role of interviewing within the social worker’s skill set, Kadushin notes that it is this activity which supersedes all others, both in frequency and in necessity. All social workers must have a fundamental grounding in the ability to interview, because of the fact that it is often the only way that one will be able to ascertain what forms of support are needed for each individual client, and whether or not the support given is effective (Kadushin). This essay serves to review Loucks Campbell’s interview of Carlos, and determine when and how the underlying tenets of social work interviewing are met.
Loucks Campbell begins the interview with open...
The end:
.....interrogated, unlike previous discussions he had had. He did not feel blamed for his situated, and was encouraged by Loucks Campbell’s ability to connect with each of the ideas that he was presenting in the interview.
The interview ended with some very specific objectives, both on the part of Loucks Campbell and of Carlos. The process of summarizing what they had learned together allowed the two to create opportunities to meet Carlos’ concerns and deliver on the concrete and deliverable goals that they set through the process of the conversation. References
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