Interview Preparation for Nurses


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The beginning:
Interview Preparation for Nurses
Nurses will have many situations where they will have to deal with confrontation. The first scenario shows two examples of confrontation. In the two situations I needed to be assertive and both of the situations were difficult. The third scenario is concerned with collaboration. According to
(2009), nurses need to collaborate in order to work towards the goals of nursing. It is because of collaboration that patients can receive quality care. Nurses need to be assertive and they also need to collaborate in order to provide patients with safe and quality care.
During my placement in a long-term care facility, I once was assigned four residents. Three of those residents were women...
The end:
..... listen carefully and to remain firm about what I saw as the outcome. Even though I did not feel completely confident at the time, I did remain determined that I would reach the goal. I also believed in my ability to reach the goal and this belief helped me to reach the solution.
Nurses need to know how to be assertive and they also need to collaborate. Both being assertive and collaboration require good communication skills and the ability to work with others. The skills that are learned in one situation will help the nurse in the next situation.
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