Interview: Norms and Roles


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Interview: Norms and Roles
The Interviewee
Frank (not his real name) is a family friend. I decided to allow him to choose the topic and he wished to discuss the situation of the classroom. Frank is a 42-year-old male who was born in New Brunswick and later moved to Toronto. He is married and has a son who is 15 years of age. Frank started out in life as a teacher but decided he was more suited for business. When Frank was in high school, the computer age was just beginning and when he was finished school personal computers were appearing but only in offices. The two largest world events at the time were the end of the Cold War and the collapse of communism. Frank realized that the world was beginning to change in a radical way when...
The end:
.....ut they were blindly following educational methods that led nowhere. They never seemed to question what they were teaching. Frank was correct in his assessment because overall the interview reveals a classroom system that was guided but the belief that a passive student can learn well. Not only were the norms unfair and meaningless except to the teacher, but they could not be questioned. The norms were inflexible because of the inequality that existed between the teacher and learner. That inequality was so extreme that the teacher could have complete control over the student. The world was changing at the time but not to such a degree that new values could penetrate into a private world of power such as religious orders were able to create.