Interview from a Construction Worker that Lost a Limb in an Accident


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The beginning:
Interview from a Construction Worker that Lost a Limb in an Accident
John Doe is a 23 year old construction worker that lost a limb in a working accident.
Question: 1:
My injury was the result of being overtired and overworked. I was working under the table for a construction company and the accident occurred due to a machine accident. It was pure horror to see my finger gone off of my hand. I went into shock.
Question 2:
The psychological effects of losing my finger were devastating. I could no longer do the job I was doing, and it made it difficult to find a job that I could do. I suffered depression and was deeply stressed at losing my ability to work with my hands. I often became angry and frustrated because I had to relearn other...
The end:
.....eated more readily. In my life, I found it far easier to control emotions with the spiritual, psychological, and other treatments, since it less physically demanding when considering coping mechanisms.
This assignment made a huge impact on me because I received first hand information about the subjects we have been studying in class and in the textbook. I found out that real people do experience many of the emotions and serious issues related to illness that are found in the textbook. This helped me to make objective findings in how interpret information, as well as how I get to know the human condition through the interview data.
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