Intersex Controversies


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Intersex Controversies
Part One
I agree with the Intersex Society of North America’s (ISNA) position that babies who are born intersex should not receive surgery and that their parents, the medical professionals, and society more broadly needs to be educated on how to handle the social aspects of intersex identities so as to raise children who are happy about their physical and psychological selves without worrying about their genital status. From the moment soon-to-be-parents share their pregnancy with the world, the question of sex and gender of the fetus are on the forefront of everyone’s minds. That this is the central question of a baby’s life from their time in the womb shows that issues of sex typing and gender discrimination are at...
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..... of girl/ boy as a specifically gendered individual no matter what their genitals look like. In this way, my personal viewpoints above are actually more open than the ISNA’s view of gender in society. Just because the ISNA believes that children should be protected from undergoing unnecessary surgery as an infant does not mean that they do not advocate traditional gender roles in our society. Seen in this light, genital “corrective” surgery is absolutely unnecessary because children will be gendered based on a different set of characteristics anyway, and as such, will fit just fine into society’s construction of gender.
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