Interpol: With Eyes that Never Close


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The beginning:
Interpol: With Eyes that Never Close
Table of Contents
Introduction…pg. 2
History…pg. 3
Internal Management…pg. 6
Legacy…pg. 9
Conclusion…pg. 14
Works Cited…pg. 15
International organizations are capable of many great things, so many great things, in fact, that it becomes futile to characterize these organizations by trying to list all of the accomplishments they can achieve. We actually learn more about them by defining, not what they can achieve, but what they can’t. The limitations of these organizations, and there are admittedly very few, go a long way in giving us a clear image of what they do and how successful they are at it. Likewise, when we find an international organization that can overcome a limitation that...
The end:
..... by always keeping a protective eye open so that the rest of the world can sleep. I know I will. Comfortably.
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