Internet Research Exercise


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Internet Research Exercise
1. Acts and Regulations
A list of the Canadian government departments of the fourteen jurisdictions in Canada (One federal, ten provincial, and three territorial) can be found at this link:
All of the federal health and safety laws and regulations that are related to part II of the Canada Labor Code and/or Occupational Health and Safety can be found at at
Alberta’s occupational health and safety act can be downloaded from the Government of Alberta employment and immigration website at
The end: health and safety section on their firm’s website and can be found here: There are links to lawyer listing, events, transaction and cases, a newsletter, and articles and media.
9. OHS cases on discipline
Manitoba has a publication out called “Safe Work.” Volume 1 Issue no. 13 can be found on the Safe Manitoba website at On pages 6-7, there is a listing of disciplinary actions against Manitoba employers who violate the Workplace Safety and Health Act. For instance, Shelmerdine Ltd. Was fined $80,550 when an employee was killed after he was crushed between the boom step and front panel of a Bobcat skid-steer.