Internet Business: Freedom without Borders


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Internet Business: Freedom without Borders
According to Dr. Robert Shapiro, former Undersecretary of the Department of Commerce: ““Every business that wants to survive is going to be a digital business,” says Robert Shapiro, an undersecretary at the Commerce Department” (Bolton, 1999, para. 11). This statement was issued one decade ago. According to Nua Ltd, in the ensuing ten years, the internet has grown from 248 millions users in December, 1999, or 4.1 % of the world’s population to 1,669 millions users in June 2009, or 24.7 % of the world’s population (Internet Growth, para. 6). Shapiro’s statement has been realized. Businesses advertise, sell, and buy from the internet. Yet legal considerations that concern brick and mortar business...
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