International Management: A Case Analysis


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International Management: A Case Analysis
This paper examines a case entitled, “careless collaborators,” and answers a number of questions pertaining to that case study.
1. How would you describe the atmosphere of the team at the end of the case? How would Susan describe the situation? How would the team leaders describe it? Are there any differences? If so, what might account for these differences? the atmosphere of the team at the end of the case may be described as non-committal; there also appears to be a disconnect or communication breakdown between the American and French members of the team (Keck & Francesco, 306). Susan would surely describe the situation as discouraging and she even wondered if she still had a role within the...
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..... are going to see things in a different way – regardless of which organization they belong to.   7. What should Susan do now?
There is not much Susan can do. Perhaps the one thing she can do is sit down with Pierre and ask if there is anything she can do that will make her more useful to the group; she should also ask how her relationship is going with Pierre and what she can do to make it stronger. If Pierre offers suggestions, it is up to Susan to decide if she finds those suggestions acceptable or unacceptable; she can then decide to leave the group if necessary.
Keck, S.L., & Anne Mary Francesco. “The Careless Collaborators.” International Organizational Behaviour (2nd edition). New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 2005. 302-309.