International Criminal Justice


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The beginning:
International Criminal Justice
Unlike at any time in the past, human trafficking for many different reasons has become a large scale crime around the world. No single country is excluded from this crime wave and there are many different reasons that such crimes take place. One of the main reasons for this crime, however, is poverty and the desperation faced by many looking for work but cannot find any and therefore fall prey to human traffickers. Some fall prey because they are willing to put their faith in the hands of the human traffickers in search of work, while others simply want to leave the country or the village that they are in, in search of greener pastures and therefore are duped into prostitutions and forced labour.
The end:
.....eason (Destefano, 2007).
In conclusion, based on everything that has been stated above, it can be stated that there are many different reasons that human trafficking takes place, and the resolution of such issues are very complex in nature and therefore cannot be covered in a paper of this nature. This is not to say, however, that no steps can be taken to resolve the issue but rather that much can be done if organisations work together.
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