International Business: Vital Remedy Pain Relief


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International Business: Vital Remedy Pain Relief
Executive Summary
Vital Remedy, a pain relief cream formula created from a combination of potent herbs by MV2 Laboratories in Florida, is interested in expanding its marketing efforts to the Emirate of Dubai. Currently, the product is only available at retailers in the US and over the Internet.
Dubai has been growing extensively over the last thirty years, developing from a sandy strip to an international shopping and vacation destination. The Emirate is home to many ex-patriates and is open to trade with countries all over the world. With very few trade barriers and Free Trade Zones in which any nation can distribute its wares without financial regulation, it is an appealing location for...
The end:
Dubai with a $150 billion regional import market ideally poised
to consolidate itself as a consumer goods hub. (2009). Eye of Dubai, 29 Novermber.
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Emiratisʼ Perception of products: The case of the Emirate of Dubai (UAE). Journal of Business & Economics, 14.1, pp. 51-65.
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December 2009 from
Appenidix: Figures and Tables
Figure 1: Dubai GDP sector contributions.
Source: Balakrishnan (2008, p. 71)
Table 1: Tourism demographics in Dubai
Data Source: Balakrishnan (2008, p. 79)