Interest Inventory


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The beginning:
Standard 3
Interest Inventory
My favorite school subject is?______________________________________________
My friends are___________________________________________________________
I like to read books about__________________________________________________
Things I like are_________________________________________________________
My favorite color is_______________________________________________________
I would like to take a vacation to____________________________________________
In my free time I like to___________________________________________________
My favorite food is_______________________________________________________
My favorite song or movie is_______________________________________________
What I liked least about school...
The end:
.....r educational spheres. I utilized a lot of common sense in dealing with them. It was a fantastic experience to transcend the difficult times and get through to some of these students. I do not believe I am any enlightened being, but sincerely feel that I helped save some of these students from going down negative paths which would end up rendering them being either dead or in prison. There were way too many possible pitfalls for these students. At least I was able to let them know that there was a bigger future out there for them and that they could try and do anything they wanted to. I encouraged them to never give up. It was vital for me to let them know that they had to work really hard because there were great rewards for such industry.