Intelligent Design and Evolution


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Intelligent Design and Evolution
1. The central argument presented by proponents of intelligent design is that God created some kinds of life fully formed in some definite period of time. Some ID advocates believe it was a literal six day period. Others believe that it was a much longer period of time perhaps even millions of years. On the other side, evolutionists do not argue against the existence of God or that an intelligent agent had something to do with the emergence of life on earth. But life on earth did evolve in a gradual process beginning with simple life forms and progressing to more complex life forms. Human beings, according to evolutionists, have a common ancestor with monkeys and apes.
2. A few things happened that led up...
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.....rn science itself. So, it represents the clash of science and religion in the minds of some people.
8. The needs and values at issue in this case concern faith and belief in God. And it also concerns belief in science and the scientific method. And because it involves these issues, it becomes a matter of constitutional rights as well. If the teaching of ID and the policy of the school district had been upheld, it would have opened the door for arbitrary intrusions of religion in other subjects as well. This is unfair and wrong to do in a science class. That is the place for religion.
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