Integrated Treatment for Dual Disorders: A Case Study


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The beginning:
Integrated Treatment for Dual Disorders: A Case Study
Scenario: Substance Abuse and Depression
Max is a 23 year old man who presents as depressed and lethargic with an exhausted presence. His grooming is poor and his clothing disheveled. His speech is slow and slurred. He does not make eye contact. He admits that he has been up for days and says that he feels surreal in your presence.
Initial assessment:
Max is presenting as sullen, lethargic, lack of hygiene, disheveled, slurred and slowed speech and cannot make eye contact. He is complaining of not sleeping for days and it appears that he has been using drugs and drinking in excess.
From his medical and psychological history Max has a history of substance use disorder and bipolar...
The end:
6.2 Bipolar disorders
296.03 Bipolar 1 Disorder, Single Manic Episode, Severe w/o Psychotic Features
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