Institutional Control and the NCAA Enforcement Policy


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Institutional Control and NCAA Enforcement Policy
Introduction and Overview
The NCAA provides its affiliate team leaders, team managers and coaches, with a number of very specific terms under which its school players must obey the rules and regulations set forth to them. This paper will discuss the NCAA enforcement of institutional controls, which is considered a very severe violation by the NCAA and results in severe financial penalty or probationary time (Rosner & Shropshire, 2004, p. 449) for the member school. However, there is controversy surrounding the enforcement of the controls and the rigidity of the NCAA. This paper will address the controversy as well.
Institutional Control and NCAA Enforcement
The NCAA institutional...
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..... violations, like incidences of cheating, others are more difficult to determine and this is why the controversy will continue and incidences of institutional control will continue to rise, until the NCAA communicates specifics about its rules more clearly to its member schools. Ideally, however, the NCAA would create a more congenial environment for its member schools so it doesn’t feel like an “us against them” mentality with enforcement of institutional controls, which is the case now.
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